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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Persuasive Speech Assignment
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

To learn and practice the following principles of speech preparation:
1. Selecting and researching an appropriate topic
2. Effectively using/citing sources in a speech
3. Developing clear purpose and thesis statements
4. Writing a proper outline
5. Creating a speech with an introduction, body, and conclusion 6. Using sound reasoning in a problem-solution format
To deliver a problem-solution persuasive speech to an audience using an extemporaneous style.

You are to present a problem that relates to your audience and then present a solution(s) to the problem. Try to make your solution(s) something your audience can act on. All topics must be approved.

Minimum Criteria:
1. Time Limit: 5-6 minutes. Practice your speech to be within the time frame. If you are either 30 seconds short or long in your delivery, points will be deducted. If your speech is too long, you will be asked to stop. Do not miss valuable points simply because you are not prepared.

2. Sources: You must cite at least 5 different sources in this speech.
* 4 of the sources must be from 2002 or later
* All of your sources must be cited completely and accurately during your speech, in your outline, and in your bibliography
* You should use a variety of types of supporting material (e.g., examples, research findings, statistics, expert testimony.)

3. Outline: Your typed, full-sentence outline and bibliography are due at the time you speak.

4. Visual Aid: You will need to prepare a professional visual aid using Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote, as discussed in class.
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