Planning Change in Organization

Topics: Eastman Kodak, Management, Strategic management Pages: 19 (5125 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Grafton College of Management Science

Planning Change in Organization
Case Study of KODAK
Student Name: Imtiaz Ali Khan
Student Number: GCD3241
Name of Module: Strategic Change Management
Unit Number: 3
Lecturer Name: Deirdre Harrington

Table of Contents

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1Introduction of Kodak 3
2Understand the background to organization strategic change 3 - 9 (Learning Outcome 1)
3Understand issues relating to strategy change in an organization 10-13(Learning outcome 2) 4Be able to lead stakeholders in developing a strategy for change 14-20
(Learning outcome 3)
5Be able to plan to implement models for ensuring ongoing change 20-24 (Learning outcome 4)
6Reference and Bibliography 25


Kodak Company:
In 1888 with the slogan “You press the button, we do the rest”, George Eastman invented the first simple camera by dry, transparent, flexible and rolled photography film and a Kodak camera that can use a new film and became the founder of Eastman Kodak company. George Eastman wanted to keep the camera simple and make it available to everyone, not to just trained or professional photographers. From 1980s to 1990s Kodak dominated in the consumer photography market, winning Emmys and Academy awards and sent cameras into the space. But with the sad news, Kodak is struggling now a day to stay in the market.

Understand the background to organization strategic change (Learning Outcome 1) AC 1.1
Research and review 3 different approaches to models of change management, discuss and highlight the difference in approach.

Change Management:
Change management is a systemic approach which brings the change, both from the perspective of an individual or an organization. For an organization, change management is defining and implementing procedures, strategies or technologies to deal with the change in business environment and to earn maximum profit. Organizations have to efficiently deal with the change to be successful. Following are the 3 different approaches to model of change management. 1. McKinsey 7-S Model

2. Lewin’s Change Management Model
3. Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model
1- McKinsey 7-S Model:
This model is created by Tom Peters, Robert Waterman, Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos for McKinsey & Company. The Mckinsey 7-S model determines how the organizations will operate. The seven different factors of this model are: Shared Values, Strategy, Structure, System, Style, Staff and Skill. Shared values are the backbone of this model because it is what the organization stands for and believes in, such as the mission of the organization. Strategy represents what organization plans to do react to any changes. The structure represents the structure of the organization. System represents the procedure, process and routines that how the work should be done in an organization. Staff represents the employees and their activities in an organization. Style represents the organization’s culture and management style. Skills represent the abilities of the employees of an organization.

2-Lewin’s Change Management Model:
This model was created by a psychologist called Kurt Lewin in 1950. Lewin defines three stages of change in this model, which are: Unfreeze Transition and Refreeze. Majority of people like to stay in their safe zones and are hesitant of any change. These people feel comfortable in the unchanging environment rather than the changing environment. In order to overcome from this frozen state, unfreeze period is initiated, which is done through motivation. Motivation plays a vital role in any organization even when the things are not changing. The transition period is a period when the change occurs. Transition period...
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