Planning and Reflection Skills at Postgraduate Level

Topics: Postgraduate education, Graduate school, Management Pages: 12 (3522 words) Published: June 8, 2012
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Planning and Reflection Skills at Postgraduate Level
In: Business and Management
Planning and Reflection Skills at Postgraduate Level
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Planning & Reflecting at Postgraduate Level |
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Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Task 1: Development of a Research Strategy 4
Task 2: Development of a Project Plan 7
Task 3: Reflective Piece 10
Effectiveness of My Research Strategy & Project Plan 10
Problems Faced and Learning: 10
Learned Time Management Skills and Reflection Skills: 11
New Learning during the Research Project: Reviewing a Case Study 11 Conclusion from the Case study 13
My Reflections on the Research Questions: 13
References 14
The point addressed in this research document is the Importance of Planning and Reflection Skills at Postgraduate Level and also an assumption that post graduate students acquire planning and critical reflection skills automatically during their post graduate studies. Planning, critical thinking and reflecting are the pillars of the postgraduate study, managerial work and continuing professional development (CPD). “It is not sufficient simply to have an experience in order to learn. Without reflecting upon this experience it may quickly be forgotten, or its learning potential lost. It is from the feelings and thoughts emerging from this reflection that generalizations or concepts can be generated. And it is generalizations that allow new situations to be tackled effectively.” (Gibbs 1988) Reflection is a key element in any successful planning.

You are probably a successful graduate and already have many of the skills required for postgraduate study. But there are some skills that assessed more stringently at postgraduate level, like planning and reflection skills. Task 1: Development of a Research Strategy

Assignments are designed to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of concepts and ability to plan and reflect critically whether reading or writing. A strategy should be formulated, focusing comprehensively on how to carry on the research. 1. Brainstorm the Topic

I have always found mind mapping as the best tool for brainstorming. Critical thinking and reflection is the most essential skill required at the post graduate level. Before looking for main literature, clear understanding of topic is very necessary. And this understanding could be easily done through min mapping. 2. Find the Keywords

Identifying the right keywords makes the research easier, leading you to the required destination. In this assignment, I started with the keywords like planning and reflection skills, critical thinking and writing, postgraduate level skills required at university level etc. 3. Research Questions

Research questions are the central part of any research. The whole research is carried out in order to answer these questions. It doesn’t matter whether research is based on secondary source or primary source of data. It helps in identifying whether quantitative or qualitative study is required. (Research questions are defined in Task 2 Project Plan) 4. Finding Material for the Topic

In order to get a broader understanding of the topic and the task, I need to refer a number of data sources like books, journals, case studies, observations and above all online internet sources. At post graduate level we are expected to gather evidences by reviewing literature through critical reading. I gathered data for my assignment from the following: * Text & Reference Books:

* The Guide to Learning and Study Skills: For Higher Education and at Work. * Examining & Facilitating Reflection to Improve Professional Practice by Ann Shelby Harris, Benita Bruster, Barbara Peterson, Tammy Shut. * Internet Sources:

* Google, Yahoo, OU`s online library, Harvard Business Review and other internet sources. All the literature review will help in understanding the...
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