Planning and Preparation Report

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Course Details
My Self
My name is Alice Browne. I am forty nine years old. I am married to Noel. I have got one son called Jack. I consider myself to be honest hard working and reliable. I always put one hundred per cent in to everything I do. My hobbies are reading, knitting and swimming.

The Course
I am currently doing a Fetac level 5 in Community Development with the VEC. There are eight modules and one of the modules is work experience which I am doing at the moment. The work experience module involves getting two weeks work experience in a community development sector and to record a learner journal every day of the work I did , skills used and challenges encountered. By doing this course I would hope to gain confidence and to learn new skills. I would also like to gain experience in a working environment.

Work experience
Work experience is a planned experiential learning activity. It involves learners preparing for work and it also enables learners to develop work skills, evaluate employment opportunities and to be able to cope with changing work environments. I would hope by getting my work experience I will learn new skills and hopefully be able to find a job. My aim is to do voluntary work in the different sectors of community development and to build up my CV so that in the future if a job came up in any sector of community development at least I will have had some work experience and have my CV built up.
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