Planning and Enabling Learning

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I believe by researching different assessment areas and learning styles I will become a better lecturer. This would help my planning and thus allow learning to happen or take place. I am hopeful that by researching and learning about different methods of negotiating, integrating skills whether functional, life or trade and communication methods it will help me have an inclusive learning classroom; where all learning will help the students to attain their qualification.

I began researching by looking at the standards of the diploma course I teach, so I had an understanding of what was expected from the awarding body. I evaluated how I currently use methods of assessment to guide the learning process for students and started to look into what other methods of teaching and assessment there were. Firstly I looked into theories on different assessment methods following this up by researching assessment methods and individual learning plans on the internet. I then started to look more closely at approaches to teaching skills for life and functional skills and embedding these into lessons. I wanted to understand how to integrate these skills for life and functional skills into my teaching, so I then looked at teaching strategies this included learning styles, reflective practices and effective Q and A sessions, and how to manage these Q and A sessions effectively. This then led me to research inclusive learning. Having knowledge of these and having the knowledge of how different people learn will have a massive impact upon my planning and ability to deliver an inclusive learning atmosphere. Having used the internet for most of my research I did use some books just to reaffirm some of the information found. I also used the books as I found that the internet can sometimes give you too much information which did lead me to compile a huge list of reading which I did find too much and took my time and enthusiasm away from actually researching and reading what I had originally intended to look at. I have used my personal experiences learnt over the last year to use all the resources available.

Negotiating with learners
The initial assessments help the lecturer to build a profile of the student’s interests and their ability in the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT, but just as importantly learning styles of students. (QIA 3, 2008. 2, 3 & 8). We use a computer based system to identify these; these could be kinaesthic, visual or auditory. Informing us how students are most likely to learn, most learn in one or two ways. I have come to this conclusion from looking at the initial assessments that I have taken myself and with all new students within the construction centre, most students were shown to be kinaesthetic and auditory learners or more kinaesthetic learners. Honey and Mumford who collected data on adult professionals, also came to the conclusion only 2% of people are fully equipped (can use all learning styles), and about 70% of people only use one or two styles, (Petty, 2009 p 151).

However tailoring learning to individual learning styles is not always easy especially in a group setting as you need to make sure inclusive learning is taking place. This is summed up by Stahl (1999), “People are different. Certainly people might learn differently from each other, and we should structure our teaching accordingly.” This sounds reasonable, but it isn’t. From the initial assessments I have overseen and from my own, most people learn using one maybe two methods with the third method being weaker. It is also important to see a student’s weakest area as outlined by Keeton, Sheckley and Griggs (2002), learners can greatly be empowered into taking responsibility for their learning if they understand how they learn and how they can improve by picking up skills so they can...
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