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Management Information System

The Planitas MIS

Information Sheet

Management Information System (MIS)
All info © Planitas Systems Ltd. 2006

Management Information System (MIS)
While the Planitas MIS uses modern IT technology it is, first and foremost, a tool that provides mission-critical information to airline managers. It is designed to overcome the lack of vital real-time management information relating to revenue, past and future.

“Planitas’ commitment to working with us to customize and fine tune their MIS software to fit Hawaiian’s needs has proven invaluable. The MIS software allows us to quickly analyze what is selling and what needs help, enabling us to make management decisions faster. It also allows us to peer into our revenue sources with average fares by sales channel, which will help better focus our marketing efforts.” - MIchael Mooney, Manager DaTa analySIS, haWaIIan aIrlIneS, Inc.

The power of the Planitas MIS comes through having data from a host System mirrored in real time to a centralized relational database, and a powerful set of reports and “alerts” to present valuable data to management in a secure and timely manner. This allows decisions affecting the business to be based on the most up-to-date information, bringing benefits to all aspects of the airlines

operation – revenue & finance, sales &
marketing, commercial planning and customer
service interfacing.
The speed and ability to report by various
parameters and to drill down to low-level
data make the MIS a user friendly and
comprehensive solution; providing airlines
with a robust, scalable, efficient and extensible
Management Information System.

Management Information System (MIS)
All info © Planitas Systems Ltd. 2006

Key BenefITS of The MIS
All information in real-time, from micro to macro – from PNR to complete network. a unique system which, for the first time, provides minute by minute lIVe data to more accurately predict and manage cash flow and create and monitor well-focussed and detailed sales and marketing plans

reVenUe MonITorIng
Up to date revenue figures for all flights, routes and regions as it is created. • Past, current and future sales revenues.
• revenue for all channels including individual travel agents. • financial performance against agreed targets to assess actual trends well in advance. • Profitability ranging from individual sector to complete network.

ManageMenT rePorTS
a senior management dashboard showing a clear and concise overview of key information including: • Up to date sales revenues.
• Up to date flown revenues.
• Performance of all sales channels.
• actual revenue build by channel.
• Timely alerts to highlight under/over performing routes and sectors. • load factor by cabin class against target.

SaleS & MarKeTIng InforMaTIon
• optimise sales channel performance – who is selling, what is selling, when and what revenues are generated; what is noT selling.
• Monitor a competitor’s impact on your routes and the results of counter measures taken. • Monitor the effectiveness of media spend.

analySIS & PlannIng
• ability to do booking and revenue analysis for different periods - year-on-year, month-on-month, week-on-week and day-on-day for budgeting and auditing purposes.
• ability to do booking and revenue analysis for all flights, routes and an individual flight. • ability to analyse bookings and revenues by channel – web, gDS, individual travel agent, own offices or individual office, call centre and individual sales agent.

• analysis of booked versus flown on flights, including ‘goshow’ and ‘noshow’. • Provides valuable planning and marketing information through the analysis of originating traffic for hub airports. • Staff planning through indentifying busy and slack periods for sales offices and call centres.

crM tool
• Improved productivity and customer service - easy and immediate access to all Pnr and eTicket (Vcr) information for both...
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