Planet of the Apes Book Summary

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Planet of the Apes Book Summary
Planet of the apes is a novel based on what it would be like if Apes ruled the Planet. The book starts off with three scientists traveling to outer space to explore the universe. There Trip takes a relatively short time for them compared to how much time has actually passed. They discover a planet that has a lot of the same geographical features as their home planet earth. They land on the planet but two of the three scientists die and only Ulysse who is the main character is left. He lands on the planet and he finds a human race similar looking to humans from their time but less intelligent. They would be equivalent to an animal’s intelligence on earth. He finds a female human that he is attracted to and calls her Nova. The humans are soon captured by apes that rule the planet and are as smart as humans from his time period. Ulysse is put into a cage and studied by ape scientists. Ulysse talks and the apes are surprised because they had never seen a human talk before. One of the female ape scientists, Zira studied Ulysse and learned to trust him. He eventually gets out of captivity and studies the planet he is on. The other apes don’t trust him and have suspicions of him throughout the movie. Eventually after studying the planet he finds out that it is earth in the future. He tries to convince the apes but they do not trust him and are weary because of their ape religion. They always learned that apes were the primary beings on this earth and most did not want it to be any other way. One of the ape scientists finally admits that he knew that apes weren’t the first intelligent race. Ulysse leaves the planet and goes to earth which by this time is further in the future and he is surprised at what he finds.
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