Planet of the Apes

Topics: Chimpanzee, World War II, Hominidae Pages: 4 (1830 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Pierre Boulle was born on February 20, 1912 in Avignon, France. His father, Eugene Boulle, was a brilliant lawyer who taught him his sense of humor and open- mindedness and his mother, Therese Seguin, was born in a family of printers. Pierre’s parents raised him to be Catholic although later in his life he became agnostic. He studied science at the Sorbonne and then entered the Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité de Paris. Pierre Boulle graduated college with a degree in engineering in 1932 and subsequently became an engineer. Then Pierre Boulle later moved to Malaya when he was 26. From 1936 to 1939 he worked as a technician on British rubber plantations in Malaya. At the outbreak of World War II Boulle enlisted with the French army in French Indochina. After German troops occupied France he joined the Free French Mission in Singapore. He served as a secret agent under the name Peter John Rule and helped the resistance movement in China, Burma and French Indochina. In 1943 he was captured by the Vichy France loyalists on the Mekong River. While a prisoner, he was subjected to severe hardship and forced labor. Pierre Boulle would settle in a hotel in the Quartier Latin in Paris, then at his sister’s, recently widowed, to begin his career as a novelist. The novels he wrote were a mixture of both his experiences and his imagination. The Bridge over the River Kwai and The Planet of the Apes. Pierre Boulle wrote The Shimmering Universe when he was 75 years old. It is one of his last books and his only essay. For his literary achievements, he was appointed officer of the Legion of Honor. His wartime heroism earned him the Croix de Guerre and a Medal of the Resistance. He had a brilliant father and mother; he was brilliant as well and went to school to study science. Pierre Boulle was in such a state of boredom that he couldn’t think of anything to write about, then suddenly he got an inspiration that set him off and he started writing novel after novel and became a famous...
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