Planet of Life: Apes to Man

Topics: Human, Human evolution, Primate Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: July 31, 2008
Planet of Life: Apes To Man

Japan/Satoshi Mori: Genetic maps________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Divergence: ____ million years ago humans and chimps diverged in ____ Africa. A ridge some ______ miles long in E. Africa, from Ethiopia to Mozambique was pushed upwards some __ miles high. The formation of the Great Rift Valley

Geology & Environment: After that, something else important happened. _____________________________________________________________________

Evolutionary Consequences & Commentators:
According to Yves Copan, these geological events are the secret to the evolution that came about. Around ______ million years ago, the mountains cooled the air of the earlier tropical forest. During the period of change, after the new mountainous condition arose, where there had been forest there was now _______. The tree dwellers, our ancestors, had to _____. Human evolution was triggered.

Prof. Raymond Vonpee(U. Of Marseilles): The first ______ appeared in East Africa; this was Lucy (this is now accepted___not accepted___?). Volcanic rock and pollen dating back some __ million years offers the evidence. At this time, ____ plants began to thrive. Lucy & Australopithecus ventured out of the _______ to take advantage of new foods.

The new evolutionary challenge was bipedalism. Hominids parted ways with the apes. New strategies were necessary.

Important Locations & Developments: Mahale in Lake Tanganyika: chimps, tree dwellers, upright posture--in forests or out on savannah? Equatorial Africa lost its ____________________.

Bipedalism was the next step in evolution...The great divide that separates us from ____. New challenges arose...distance & dangerous posture. Erect bipedalism frees the ____ for other matters; ______ becomes more & more important. N.B. ISSUE: preadaptation vs post facto developments. Savanna hypothesis no longer...
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