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Marwan Soliman
Noha Abdel Fayad
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May Abdeen

Table of Contents
Company Background2
Mission Statement2
Company History:2
Situation Analysis2
Environmental Scanning:2
Macro environmental Forces:2
Micro environmental Forces2
Competitive Analysis:2
SWOT Analysis:2
Market Segmentation2
Targeting Strategy2
Problem Statement2
Works Cited2

Company Background
Planet Hollywood is a trademark for restaurants, bars, casinos, and resorts that was established in 1991 by its founder Robert Earl and his partners and stockholders Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone. Planet Hollywood distinguishes itself with the unique experience it offers its customers from gaming and live entertainment at the Hollywood themed venues. The focus of this marketing plan is the Planet Hollywood restaurants that resemble the Hollywood inspiration with its wide collection of Hollywood props and souvenirs from top rated movies and TV shows that decorate the place and the wide collection of items available for sale. Planet Hollywood strives to act as a creator and developer of consumer brands that take advantage of the universal appeal of movies, sports, and other entertainment-based themes The unforgettable dining experience at Planet Hollywood is completed with its delicious diverse menu of salads, burgers, and much more. Currently, Planet Hollywood has sixteen branches all over the world at which three of these are located in the Middle East (Dubai, Reyadh, and Kuwait). Mission Statement

“Planet Hollywood International Inc. is a guest-driven company committed to providing [its] guests with an exciting inside look at Hollywood, combining with exceptional food, outstanding merchandise and uncompromising service in every one of [its] restaurants. [It] recognize that [its] success is achieved by hiring, retaining and developing quality associates”.

“We have a passion for our guests
We care about our associates
We do not compromise our high standards
We maintain a sense of urgency in everything we do
We continuously strive to improve
We are team players”
Company History:
Planet Hollywood International Inc. is the controlling body for entertainment-based theme restaurants located throughout the world. Planet Hollywood International also runs five Official All Star Café restaurants, a chain that focuses on professional sports and follows a sports-bar theme, and several Cool Planet Ice Cream shops. The management of the company is currently focusing on its core business of restaurants. The first Planet Hollywood restaurant opened in New York City in 1991 however the events leading to its beginning started 20 years before that date. In 1972, Robert Earl opened a dinner theater in London called 'The Beefeater’ that offered its customers a dining experience with a medieval theme. Earl earned a degree in hotel and restaurant management the University of Surrey. He was passionate about creating entertainment-based restaurants such as 'Talk of London,' 'Shakespeare's Tavern,' and 'The Cockney Club.' In the 1980s, Earl foresaw the promising American markets that would guarantee the success of his entertainment-themed restaurants. He started off with selling his concepts to the developers of a then-new Disney World called EPCOT Center. Although the deal was unsuccessful, Earl decided to stay in Florida at which he opened several restaurants focusing on medieval and Wild West ideas until he sold it to a larger holding company in the mid-1980s. In 1989, Earl was appointed the new chief executive for the Hard Rock operation under ‘Mecca Leisure”. The 'Hard Rock Café' chain is a music industry-based theme restaurants. With his new position, Earl created 20 Hard Rock Cafes in the eastern region. Meanwhile, Earl partnered with Keith Barish, a film...
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