Planet Earth Report

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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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Planet Earth Report
World Religions
April 29, 2012

Planet Norsworthy is not very religious, but the people in my tribe are, so I have been sent to planet Earth to learn what religion is. I am looking for these humans to have faith in a supernatural being. They may gather together and talk to or about this supernatural being. I am looking for there to be history so I know that it is established and not fake. I am looking to see if all ages participate in these gatherings. I want to know exactly what happens at these gatherings. Is there going to be singing? Is there going to be just one speaker or many? Will there be dancing? What kind of odd things happen at these gatherings? As I travel across America I have noticed that many gatherings are located indoors in buildings called churches. There is singing and dancing at some of these churches. All ages attend these gatherings, typically once or twice a week. There is usually just one speaker, but sometimes other humans come to talk about experiences they have had. Most of these humans call themselves Christians, but there are different types. There are Catholics, Baptist, and Nondenominational for example. There are many other religions here to such as Buddhism, Muslim, and Jewish. As I travel across Africa I have noticed that the gatherings are mainly located outdoors. There is dancing and some chanting, but not everyone attends. I have noticed there are Christians here as well but also another religion called Islam. The Islam humans are still trying to figure out what supernatural being to have faith in. The Africans seem to have a religion all by themselves though. They have these idols and some have this doll looking sticks. They all have regular meetings. It seems very interesting how so many different people can coexist in the same place and not wage war every day. As I travel across Asia I begin to get confused. There are so many different types of Religions here. It seems that an outsider like me would...
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