Plan to Increase Team Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Plan to Increase a Team’s Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance John Dow
October 09, 2008
Instructor Name: Homero Martinez

The different personalities of team members influence the team’s performance. Different levels of motivation and work satisfaction can translate in how the team achieves its intended objectives. Understanding how these factors influence a team’s performance is a task for managers and team leaders. This paper highlights the opportunities of increasing team performance by means of identifying how these factors correlate to personal attitudes, emotions, and values. The paper summarizes ways to address these factors and provides conclusions related to positive influence in team performance.

Plan to Increase a Team’s Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance
Understanding how motivation drives for team performance is an advantage for most managers and team leaders within an organization. For a specific team that has a one-year project to complete, this advantage becomes critical to enhance team performance throughout different periods of the project. A motive is associated with a reason for conducting an action. The way the action is takes place, explains the level of satisfaction a team member has within the group. Stark and Bierly (2009) have identified different predictors of job satisfaction that evolve around relationship conflict, familiarity, goal clarity, and preference for group work. Although job satisfaction is an indicator of how committed an employee is toward task completion, the effects correlate more to its resulting personal performance. When working as a team on a long-term project, measuring performance in a regular basis becomes a practical indicator of how aligned team members are regarding the project’s desired end-state. The influence of attitude, emotions, personality, and values The identification of different “attitudes”...
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