Plan of Study

Plan of Study Instructions for Online Students

Be sure to view the Degree Navigator video, before completing your Plan of Study. You will need information from the video to complete your Plan of Study. The instructions for the assignment are also included in Doc Sharing if you would like to print them.

To build your Plan of Study, you need to do the following:

1. Go to Degree Navigator at and log-in using your DeVry Student ID (DSI) number and password. Scroll down and click on the Degree Navigator button on the left side. 2. Click on your program in the upper right hand corner.

3. From the scroll down menu for Degree Description, select Audit – Full Report with Course Status. 4. To build your Plan of Study, click on a course that you will need to take. Click “Select” from the bottom of the course description box. From the box that pops up, choose the session in which you would like to take the course from the scroll down menu and click on “Select.” 5.Choose the courses that you would like to take during the next 4 sessions. You may choose to take one or two courses each session. Please contact your advisor if you have any questions or need help in choosing your courses. 6. Click on the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. Paste the document into Microsoft Word. 7. Save your Plan of Study as NAME_Week7PlanofStudy

8. Submit this assignment to Week 7 Dropbox for your instructor to grade in Week 7.
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