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Topics: Notre Dame of Marbel University, Health care, Health Pages: 2 (289 words) Published: February 16, 2013
JMJ Marist Brothers
Notre Dame of Marbel University
College of Health Sciences

Date: February 6, 2013
After 8 hours of hospital exposure, the students will be able to provide and promote safe and quality nursing care to their assigned patient specifically, will be able to: 1. Build harmonious relationship with the client and staff. 2. Assess client’s general status.

3. Identify possible needs of the client and render appropriate interventions. 4. Perform nursing procedures comprehensively.
5. Observe medical asepsis within the work place at all times. 6. Provide health teaching to client.

I. Preparation: 6:30- morning circle prayer checking of attendance, grooming and paraphernalia.| II. Briefing: 6:30- Pre- conference ( Instructions for the whole shift, Review of the basic nursing procedure )| III. Clinical encounter 7:00-7:30-Endorsment -Rounds with the staff 7:30-7:40- Delegation of patients and task 7:45-8:00-Vital Signs Taking and recording 8:00-9:00-IVF regulation, NPI, Bedside care and house keeping 9:00-9:15-Go with the doctors rounds 9:15-9:30-Snack (First Group) 9:30-9:45-Snacks (Second Group) 9:45- 10:00- Snacks ( Third Group) 10:00-10:45-Bedside Clinic Reporting 10:45-11:30-Initial Charting and Vital Signs taking and Recording 11:30-12:00-Lunch Break (First Batch) 12:00-12:30-lunch Break (Second Batch) 12:30- 1:00- Lunch Break ( Third Batch) 1:00-1:45-Final Charting 1:45-2:30-Provide Health Teaching 2:35-3:00-After Care (Ward) 3:00-3:20-Endorsement| IV Debriefing: 3 :20-4:00-Post Conference -Reflection -Working Knowledge -Explication -Preparation (for the next duty)|

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Cindy A. Catedrilla, SN
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