Plan for Skin Essay

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  • Published : September 6, 2012
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Prompt:We cannot achieve a strong sense of identity unless we also have a strong sense of belonging to something outside of ourselves.

Intro:A strong identity is formed through finding were you belong and don’t belong within a persons immediate world and within wider society.

Body A:Belonging to the immediate world – family, friends, lovers, neighbours. Evidence:Young Sandra identifies herself within her familial unit as the youngest daughter to Sannie and Abraham and as the younger sister to… Her family bring her up to identify with a ‘falsified’ group that does not necessary consider her as a member. By doing this they are under preparing her for the external assumptions and views of wider society (LINK).

Body B:Belonging to a wider society – white community/black community Evidence:White Community:
-Introduction to school, “Why are they staring at me Mummy?” “You’re the new girl” is a clear representation of how the parents have shielded Sandra from the scrutiny she would encounter in a white school considering her black appearance. -She found friendship with a girl whom she told “I’m not black” substantiating her ingrained or trained belief that she truly is white. -When she is reclassified as white based on inheritance not on appearance, she is meant to fit into white society based up a new classification system, on paper she belongs to this group but does she feel it internally? Does it make everything ok? -Her parents trying to find her a white boyfriend further depict their want for her to classify within the white community.

Body C:Rejection from groups is equally as important in the formation of a strong identity. Evidence:Being rejected from the white school – firstly humiliating, so she had to put on a hard defensive façade (a facete of her identity). This further led her to associate more with her inner black identity. Gave her closure on her white identity, people of that group no longer welcomed...
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