Plan and Best Suits

Topics: Plan, Management, Agreement Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Our first meeting took place on the 20th of Febuary 2013. We discussed what parts each of us were doing and scheduled the tasks each of us have to complete. We are going to try and do most of the project as a group so that we agree with each other. We plan to meet twice a week to discuss our plans.

Week 1| March 4st-8th| Choose our particular operations model that best suits Dankers.| Week 2| March 11th-15th| We will meet up and discuss the work and research we have all carried out.| Week 3| March 18th-22nd| We will begin to combine and collect our information and start to build the plan.| Week 4| March 25th-29th| At this stage we hope to have completed the plan giving us time before the due date.|

We have divided the parts equally into the following parts:
will research different operations models, using course concepts and ACS. will look at customers perspective and what would best suit them. is going to look at market expectations and research what would be the best way for Dankers to forward into their new venture. Challenges:

Some challenges that we might face is agreeing on the plan that best suits Dankers. This is why we have agreed to meet twice a week so that we all agree with each member is putting into the plan. We do have a due date so we have made a timetable that will make sure we have it done on time.
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