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Lesson Plan in English II
February 20, 2012

I. Objectives
Differentiate between connotations from denotations in word interpretations.
Appreciate reading poems as a means of art and value laden text. II. Subject Matter
Topic: Denotation and Connotation of Words in a Poem
Listening text:
Materials: Visual Aids, flash cards
Value Focus:

III. Procedure

A. Drill
Class as I flash the cards; pronounce each word with proper stressing, either on the first or second syllable. DIgest(N)diGEST(V)

B. Review

C. Developmental Activities
1. (Motivation) Activity 1
Play the song “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick a. Do you have friends? (Yes/No) Do you consider your classmates as your friends also? b. What are friends for?
c. Ask your seatmate, ‘How is your life without me as your friend?” d. When was the last time you cried because of losing a friend?

2. (Clearance of Difficulties) Activity 2
What does the underlined word mean?
The boys roam around the island.
Roam means wander.
3. (Presentation) Activity 3
a. Listening
Class, our lesson for today is to test your listening skill. I will read to you a story entitled “Abad and Azad”. Listen carefully as I read the story.

Abad and Azad

A long time ago in a barangay by the sea, there lived two very good friends-Abad and Azad. They were only fourteen years old and because they had no more parents, they decided to live together by the seashore and catch fish for a living. Abad and Azad loved each other like brothers. They were good to everybody, too. They always helped others. They gave fish to people who had nothing to eat. It was surprising therefore that the people in the barangay loved them. Abad and Azad usually went fishing in their boats at night. Whenever they were separated especially on rainy nights, Abad would swing his lamp to the left, to the right and so on. Seeing the light, Azad would shout very, very loud. In that way, they would find their way to each other. One day, Abad fell ill. Azad was beside himself with grif. He did not know what to do. He could only sit by his friend and cry. “Don’t cry Azad. If I should die, let’s accept it.”

“But what will I do? What will happen to me?” sobbed Azad. “Even if I die, God will not separate us-for long,” Abad murmured. Abad died and not long after, Azad fell ill too, and died. Even after death, the friends were together. They now roamed the heavens, instead of the sea. Whenever they are separated, Abad would swing his lamp first to the left, then to the right, and so on. Seeing the light, Azad would shout his friends’ name and they would find their way to each other. This is why in the dark and rainy days, we see Abad’s light sharply flashing across the sky and we hear Azad’s loud booming voice finding its way to Abad.

b. Post-listening
Choose the letter that corresponds to the word or word-group that best completes the following statements. Answer orally.

1. Abad and Azad were _________.
A. Neighbors
B. Brothers
C. Orphans
D. Enemies
2. They were ________.
A. Carpenters
B. Fishermen
C. Old men
D. Sailors
3. Abad and Azad lived _________.
A. By the seashore
B. Near the palace
C. In separate houses
D. In the city
4. The boys usually went fishing ________.
A. In the morning
B. At noon
C. In the afternoon
D. At night
5. The story shows that the two friends were ________.
A. Handsome
B. Faithful
C. Brave
D. Adventurous
6. The story shows that they were ________.
A. Helpful and generous
B. Carefree and happy
C. Sad and desperate
D. Quarrelsome and noisy
7. A person is beside himself with grief when ________.
A. He controls his grief
B. He does not like grief
C. He is overcome by grief...
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