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Since, the IST Department of XYZ Computers is all on the first floor we must relocate the servers to a secure location. The best possible place for the servers would be on a higher level floor. We should also move any essential hardware to an upper level like a second or third floor to ensure that flood damage doesn’t occur. We also have to store remote servers that are being backed up at the same time the servers backed up so that the system keeps current operations. These servers also need uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The UPS would be connected to the server and protect against problems that may cause hardware failure, loss of data, and data corruption. UPS aren’t designed to support a server for hours but it will give the network administrator time to save as much data as possible and to shut down the server safely. Fault tolerance also needs to be built into the system. This will also help the system run if a failure occurs. RAID 6, I believe would be the more suitable solution for this because it can survive the failure of two disk rather than just one and it’s information is written on two different disk also. A suitable RAID for 123 Textiles Corporation would be RAID 1. RAID 1 is disk mirroring and disk duplexing. This means that two drives are exact copies of each other and failure of the primary drive causes the secondary drive to take over automatically. With the new RAID system we would need to change from once a month to daily. To keep cost down we would use tape to back up any data. We would also want to move the server in to a more desirable place. A better place would be to put the server on the other end of the room so that it isn’t so close to the window where it isn’t so easy to steal. A good solution for this high crime area would be to install a security system or hire guards for the company.
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