Plagiarism – Stealing or Borrowing?

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Plagiarism can be defined as using someone else’s words or ideas and passes them off as their own. The concept of plagiarism can be traced back to antiquity. According the ancient Latin origin, plagiarize is rooted form the word plagiaries to indicate theft of works. Pennycook (1996) reveals that there is an issue arisen regarding plagiarizing idea and plagiarizing language. Plagiarizing ideas is meant by using other ideas by rephrasing the language while plagiarizing language is on the other hand, which is keeping the language without taking the idea. It is undeniably that students develop the certain relationship to texts in order to learn something out from the everyday context they encounter in their students lives. Therefore, a study was done in Hong Kong by an informal interview. It emerged some concern and some even lead to a more complicated discussion, as it could not just a case of students copied a passage and wished to deal with the work. In most of the scenario, students always have the “pre-perception” that they cannot complete a good job even without trying to do first. Good job as being referred here is that the “plagiarism” is more known as symptom of careless work, rather than an intentionally planned work. Many different reasons have been given due to the issue of plagiarism by students and most of which are related to ignorance or misunderstanding of good referencing practices, or poor engagement or lack of ideas towards the issue at hand, rather than due to dishonest intentions. Some students plagiarize because they think it will be better to used original idea and word for a clear message and there are even some do not aware their wrong even though they have committed plagiarism in their works. Although some of them are unintentional, there is still someone who knows the wrong of this dishonest act. But they are still continuing such behavior due to the chances of being caught, severities of punishment and perceptions of peer behaviour. This...
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