Plagiarism Report: The Edgar Article

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  • Published : July 26, 2009
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Post a 200- to 300-word response describing the results from the Plagiarism Checker. Still imagining yourself as a faculty member, include what you think your course of action would be toward the student who submitted the assignment. Describe to the student why plagiarism is dishonest, and what other types of behavior constitute academic dishonesty.

When I submitted the Edgar article for the plagiarism report it came back as 100% similarity. The plagiarism report even gave a website where the article was located. The entire article was colored in red ink and underlined. This was done to show what part of the article was plagiarized. Well, since I copy and pasted the article that I found in the University Library it was plagiarized. As a faculty member I would not even accept that assignment. The student violated the student code of conduct; so documented counseling should be in order. This should be done to ensure that it does not happen again. Plagiarism is very dishonest. Plagiarism is an act of trying to take credit for someone else hard work. Plagiarism is the same as stealing taking someone’s work and placing a different name on it.

There are also other types of academic honesty. Self-plagiarism, which is submitting work from a different course. Fabrication, which is falsification of any document. Unauthorized assistance is using any information that is not approved by a faculty member. Collision is helping another student take part in the act of plagiarism. All these are things to look out for when submitting an assignment. Submitting any plagiarized document could lead to expulsion.
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