Plagiarism in Essay Writing Is Form of Cheating. Do You Agree?

Topics: Academic dishonesty, University, Plagiarism Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Plagiarism is not a crime, but it is a moral offence. Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s original idea and passing it as one’s own work. While each university has different policy and regulations against plagiarism some examples of it are: Direct copying from original sources, copying material and making slight changes to it and paraphrasing. Plagiarism in essay writing is cheating, and students who use someone else’s intellectual property without permission, or having someone else do their essay work are breaking the educational institution regulations. These practices of cheating create lack of creativity, inability to gain new knowledge and disrespect towards the professor and the original author.

Copy and paste plagiarism is a common phenomenon occurring within universities and colleges. According to Lars R. Jones attempting to pass of, as personal work, a whole work or any part of a work belonging to another person, group or institution is Academic dishonesty and is strictly forbidden by all educational institutions. Academic dishonesty has negative implications in both the classroom and in the real world. Students who have cheated in their Essays and the university has not detected it, are likely to pass the subject with a high mark while in reality that is not a true reflection of their ability. As a consequence, there will be times when the student will have to put the knowledge into practise, and by plagiarising an essay the student will not have gained the required knowledge, rather the student has shown disrespect for the professor and the original author.

In some instances plagiarism is caused by students unintentionally. Brian Martin, the author of Plagiarism and Responsibility claims that a lot of students are unaware of their university policy and regulations regarding paraphrasing, and that the students are unfamiliar with the correct method of paraphrasing which leads to their essay being considered plagiarised, even though it...
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