Plagiarism in an Academic Environment

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  • Published: July 22, 2008
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Plagiarism in an Academic environment

In the Academic world today, the rising incidences of plagiarism are putting more schools and universities on high alert, and zeroing in on how to detect and prevent it. Academic institution’s often have a Student Code of Academic Integrity. Students, whom are caught cheating, can be given warnings, bad grades or even expelled out of school. Today, information is flowing freely and with ease through the Internet. Having this option would make students think more about cheating. According to a survey conducted in 2000, about 96.1% of all respondents are aware of the Internet and within those 59.3% have access the Internet (Business Insights/NOP survey, 2000).

There are many instances, in which students are apt to plagiarize on their home work tasks, assignments, and tests. Some reasons include: his/her learning plan was either not well established, altered, unexpectedly reduced, or that it is just simply easier to cheat nowadays. For now, time is their enemy. The only way to finish the task on time and get good grade is to cheat, to steal someone’s work, and incorporate into his or her own work. An individual, who can get away with it the first time, will more than likely try it a second and third time to follow. They are dead wrong to think that professors, students and individuals can memorize millions of information from the library, Internet, newspaper, etc… plagiarize from many other sources, consolidate into one work and call it their own. A well trained teacher or professor can differentiate between a student’s normal and not-so-normal format and style; especially since there are situations they can review and examine the content of a student’s homework assignment. Technology and its capabilities have empowered teachers with the ability to detect plagiarism. There are now websites that instructor’s can utilize to detect whether his/her students are plagiarizing, such as:
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