Plagiarism Essay

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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The plagiarism is a topic which cannot be avoided by every student and university. People need to pay more attention to this issue for the severe situations. Plagiarism concerns others’ right of knowledge, it especially harmful for the academic environment. However, since the cutting edge development of the modern record and information sharing technology, people more likely to copy articles from the internet. To cope with the problem, universities and organisations are setting penalty measures concerning plagiarism. Therefore, it is necessary for students to master the skill of avoid plagiarisms, such as summarising, paraphrasing and referencing. Body

Plagiarism can be defined as copying other’s ideas, writings, and works, which uses someone else’s contribution without acknowledgement. In the lecture on 16 November 2012, R. McKenna stated that plagiarism maybe defined as “taking and using someone else’s thoughts, writing or inventions and representing them as your own”. Therefore, people can find that plagiarism the action which is bad for others’ achievement, and it infringes intellectual property. Moreover, copying another students’ works for submitting assignment is unacceptable (DEAP 2008). The situation of plagiarism, which is serious for the academic honesty, has increased in last two decades. People may be easier to copying the resources online, because the internet makes finding resources and plagiarising without much effort. (Lumby 2003) They can reading many ideas and choose the best one to use for their own assignment without any reference. “The study students had borrowed from more than 400 web source, including at least 5 known cheat sites.”(Maslen 2003) Maslen also indicated that there are over 20% people said plagiarisms larger than before in the investigation of federal government. The University of Tasmania gives penalties to...
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