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As an individual I have done several write up basically on project reports while doing my undergraduate programme and also at work. I pick up information from several sources and do a report with them as mine. It strike me when I sent a report to manager and she returned it back saying she wanted it in my own words. I did not quite get what she meant till I came across the word plagiarism. The advent of copy and paste or reading and writing other peoples work has been a norm in the educational system so I felt it was irrelevant what she had just said and threw caution to the wind. Conning up of words to suit a write does not really express or portray the essence of professionalism and this hampers development. This practice has eaten deep into our minds making us as students, workers, educators and professional writers lazy and timid in our thoughts that we barely have time to sit and compose something that has originality. Now I am doing my MSc in a foreign country and I have been told a lot about the dangers of plagiarism and how it affects my grade. Plagiarism as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (what year reference this)is “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own”. This act has been found most common by International students studying overseas because they find it difficult understanding English language. Wendy (2008) stated “ International Students most of whom speak, read or write English as a second, third or foreign language (ESL/EFL) are the highest proportion of students appearing before the university disciplinary board”. She stated this when she was brought into the university of Melbourne Australia Disciplinary committee to check on cheating amongst students and how to curb it. This paper with be covering key factors associated with plagiarism in higher education and also providing means on which the menace can be rid of thus giving students the edge in learning about originality in their works. This will be carried out by using resources from previous survey on plagiarism in Higher education and articles.

Studies in the UK has shown that plagiarism exist in a very high proportion in higher education. This is solely because students have the notion that whatever has been assigned to them to research on has been done by another and really do not see the need to look onward to producing their own thoughts on the provided topic. This argument was illustrated by Colin (2007) were he made mention that “ideas from other people are used at all times, this we have embedded into our academics lives, forgetting about referencing the source of the information which we are using because we have gradually taking sole ownership of those ideas and we therefore forget who eventually influenced those ideas in the first place making referencing difficult if not impossible to do”. THE ROLE OF THE INTERNET

The use of resources found on the internet has commonly been used by students and lectures. Most taught course base their content on information gathered from several web pages this can be in form of presentation slides, videos, audio, e-book e.t.c these students find easy to access due to the wide use of the internet in educational institutions. Before the inception of the internet information was gathered using raw data this basically was done by interviews and using library resources. This cumbersome method has been made simple by the internet. Most individual rely on Google and other search engines for their everyday needs. The point here is what is that information use for? Wendy (2008) cited a phrase from Peter Jaszi in his 1994 publication The Construction of authorship: Textual appropriation in law and literature where he talked about the effect of the internet as it affects plagiarism. He further empathized “A...
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