Places That I Will Visit

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Places That I Will Visit

By | December 2010
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Places that I will visit
My Ideal trip to Japan, Korea and Taiwan

In my opinion, Asia is one of the most interesting continents of the world. Since I was little, I have heard about Japan, basically because my brother is a huge fan of that country and little by little I get immersed with their culture, music, movies and so on. Some years back then, I also start to feel interest in Asia dramas, so I learned many new things, about countries like Korea and Taiwan. The beauty of the scenery, and also their language, really grown on me, so after a while the only thought that come to my mind is the wish of taking a long trip to Asia, specially making stops in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. I am pretty sure that my first stop will be on Korea, because in my mind I already prepare my own schedule. After my plane lands in Korea, the first thing I will do will be to take my time and look around Incheon Airport. Then, my next step will be to go straight to Seoul. Seoul is the capital of Korea and a huge metropolitan area with a population of over 10 million people. It is full of things that I never had the chance to see before, as some old places, like the palaces in Seoul. Kyongbokkung Palace contains a Koryo pagoda, the National Central Museum, and the National Folklore Museum. Changdeokgung Palace is still the residence of the few noble family people still alive, as well as the Pi won (Secret Garden). Namsan Park, Chogyesa Temple, and Seoul Tower are also pretty cool as well, so I will definitely go there. Also, I really want to check out the city by cruising the Han River in one of the sightseeing boats. No matter what, I will have to check out their Makkolijips! These are those places where they make their famous makkoli, which is a milky wine made from rice and barley. I also dream on eating the bulgogi (broiled beef), kimbap and kimchi and nothing else. I guess I will really have to practice how to use the chopsticks, or else I will put myself in problems. I will enjoy...

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