Places in Birdsong

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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The importance of places in Birdsong.
Birdsong is a novel written in a tripartite structure, which uses many different places in the novel to help emphasise the key elements and also foreshadows certain events which will happen and can also link back to events which have happened which helps to make the specific parts have more of an impact overall. In Birdsong the three different time periods in which the novel is set all have significant places throughout. In part 1 of the novel it talks a lot about the Azaire’s house which is shown as being secluded from people and blocking people out ‘the Azaire’s house showed a strong, formal front towards the road from behind iron railings’ which can also reflect Stephen’s personality before we find much about him as a person. When describing the house Faulks also mentions the house having ‘conflicting angles’ which can be linked to WW1 as it talks about the conflict so helps to show what will happen later on through the novel. The front of the house is described as having ‘a formidable front door’ which makes the house appear unwelcoming. The description of the house seems to be trying to prevent people from going inside and portrays it as being a hostile environment, this can reflect the violence in the book, both inside the house between Azaire hitting Isabelle, and also could foreshadow the violence which appears in the war in which Stephen ends up fighting. The house also appears to be separated from the outside world which could be a reason why Stephen and Isabelle end up having an affair as they are separated from the outside world and it would be acceptable for them to be together as they aren’t connected to anyone else at that time. The description of the different corridors and how they are connected also helps to show the future in the war as it can be linked to the tunnelers in part 2 of the novel ‘he stood for a moment disorientated’ In part 1 the description of the nature and the surroundings help to make a...
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