Placement? Gender Roles?

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Ethics Pages: 6 (2312 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Placement? Gender Roles?
Alicia Gallegos
SOC120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
Dr. Craig Allen
February 11, 2013

Placement? Gender Roles?
Ethical understanding and its theories can often come with debates or arguments from both sides; for or against an issue. There was a topic that could use more ethical and theoretical discussion because it has been a way of life since the beginning of time. Societies in the past have general stands in which it places men and women or what their job should be because of their sex. Today, gender roles in the work place are not scene as much but are still very much alive and active. For families that are nontraditional as the past, see a slight standard set and are less likely to stay at a job because of all the silence stereotyping some people places on others. It has been proven that society’s roles change over time but there are a few people that still feel that a woman’s place in home taking care of the kids and a man’s place is working outside of the home to provide for his family. Classical Theory- Virtue Ethics

In taking gender roles of females and males in the workplace in to the perspective of a virtue ethics one would claim that the person in questioned would have all the characteristics of a virtuous person minus one attribute (Mosser, 2010). In this particular case the one attribute that would be lacking is the judgmental bias or prejudices thinking against those who step outside the norm. Many employers look at all the qualities that their employees hold. In some cases we find that an employer can have some bias against women or men in certain workplaces. There has been a huge male increase in the nursing field which would typically be a female's job and on the other hand there has been an increase in women working as police officers. Men and women who step outside the norm to pursue careers in field were the opposite sex dominates are negatively looked upon because they have been less effective and less deserving of respect (Lewis-Davis, 2010) but that is not in all cases. Virtue Ethics Applied

To get the idea of how this gender difference is taking a toll on society let's look at an example of a women with three kids and is married that gets hired in a law firm. As she settles into her new position at the firm she finds that it is hard for her to connect with other employees, especially the males. This particular woman is taking on this job to gain personal satisfaction, society she's her as abandoning her primary responsibility to care for her child (Endicott & Fuegen, 2010, p. 54). This woman as all the educational training in order to work her way up in the law firm and does an excellent job. She would be considered selfish and that would a stereotypical bias placed on her by many in society, although she can perform duties at work with no problems. Yet, this woman is finding herself at a standstill in her position because she is missing the one factor of herself that will allow her to move up. Another example could be the view point of a stay-at-home dad. Many men would rather not take the place of their wife and all the duties that have to be done at home because in society for a man to do this he will be seen as if he cannot provide for his family. Although there are many men that are plenty capable of staying home to take care of the children, it's society that allows a man to feel as if they are taking the easy way out. In this case the man knows how to clean, do home work with the kids, do grocery shopping, pay bills, and even balance the check book and this man is content with staying home. The one aspect that this man would be feeling he may be lacking is the confidence or proud of being a stay-at-home dad because society does not see this as a proper places for a man to be (Endicott & Fuegen, 2010, p. 55). Society tends to place a man outside of the home being the breadwinner and providing for the family. In some cases today...
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