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Creating “JUGALBANDI” of Technology & Management...

Pharmacy & Technology Management

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Sa - Sruthi - How to feel the pulse of the stakeholder? Connectedness is about knowing the psychology of the stakeholder and understanding why he does what he does. Ri - Ritu - How to spot changing Trends? Ritu refers to a season implying trends / changes. What will work next season? Who knows? However, the maestros defined the season and defied them as well. Ga - Guru – How to think big and raise the bar? A Guru represents excellence and elevates the student to a different level. He is much more than teacher or a mentor. Often, it is the Guru who pushes one to go the extra mile, even when others think it is not necessary or will not make a difference. It is about raising the bar, changing scale and profile. One needs to challenge oneself like the Guru would, to scale new heights. Ma - MISRAM – How to look for unusual combination / source of inspiration?

Is Music a Science or an Art?
If we look beyond music, we discover a set of principles that define a creative Artist. If we contemplate on these principles, we realize that they are universal and timeless. We can also recognize that the current day Business giants in India practice the same principles. What worked for the maestros in the field of Music, works in Business situations as well, and thus, our journey in creating 'Jugalbandi" of Technology & Management.

An artiste's curious mind. It is playful and sometime mischievous. It often wants to do the forbidden. Break the rules. It asks uncomfortable questions. It often leads to strange experiments, which combine to apparently irreconcible opposites. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. Pa - Prasana – How to ask uncomfortable questions? A creative mind suffers from discontent. It is not easily satisfied with the present, however good it might seem. It leads to healthy questioning attitude. The questions are often uncomfortable but a true artiste faces the discomfort rather than shy away from it. Dha – Dhruva – How to use new triggers to achieve iconic status? Dhruva is about reaching an iconic status, becoming a beacon providing direction for others to follow. It is about attaining distinction with imagination, guts and grit. The only burning ambition: to make a mark, leave an indelible stamp. Ni - Nava – How to day dream without being censored? Day dreaming and wishful thinking are two enjoyable pursuits of the creative mind. The wishes could often be triggered by the self or could be a response to something someone else expressed. Sometimes it is in response to a question that camouflages an unarticulated wish.

Inspiration from IDEAS - RS


MBA (Pharma Tech)
How do we connect these vital facts with Business Principles in Technology & Management Sa - Think Global act local is the name of the game in today's business. We make our students updated on technological advances in the field of pharmaceuticals and healthcare by inviting international faculty and leaders in the field. They are also exposed to real life experiences through projects and internships with reputed organizations. Ri - The Change is the only constant – Our course syllabus gets upgraded strategically after seeking inputs from the industry leaders to keep pace with ever changing business climate and competition. Ga - Our faculty competence is bench marked against the best internationally to ensure students are developed to take up responsible positions and deliver desired value to their employers. Ma - Globalization of pharma and healthcare sector has made it imperative that today's managers are technically qualified with necessary business acumen and orientation. Quite often technical people need to interact with their counterparts globally to conclude large business deals. Pa - Our top team continuously interacts with students to...
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