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Topics: Mind, Thought, Psychology Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: September 20, 2012
A Place to remember
My toes in the water and my hands in the sand, I stare off over the clear still water. With over 500 miles of shoreline, Smith Lake provides me a sense of freedom. It helps me to relax and puts my mind at peace. Sitting there dazed by the beauty of the lake, it allows me to meditate and clear my thoughts. Smith Lake survives vividly in my memory. With a shoreline reaching over 500 miles long, the beautiful shoreline provides me a sense of freedom. The long continuous shoreline of Smith Lake allows me to explore things and go places that I have never been before. As I look out into the open free water, I feel that it could go on forever, without an end. Smith Lake brings peace to the mind.

There goes one, two and three boats passing my sight as I sit and watch the waves hit the rocks. The sound of the water tumbling over the rocks sends a relaxing wave over my body, as if, I were the wave crashing against the rock. Living on Smith Lake provides me with peace within myself. Alone on the rocks, I stare off into the clear still water and speak to myself. It is like taking a nice bubble bath, there is the alone time and meditation time.

Blankets tucked neatly under me, I find myself thinking and meditating out loud. Meditation helps clear my thoughts. Being alone, starring off into the deep clear water helps me clear my head and think straight. It’s like after talking to a psychiatrist you feel rejuvenated or your mind is untangled. Smith Lake provides the same experience.

The feelings of freedom, relaxation, and meditation are all the things that Smith Lake lets me to experience. It holds that special place in my heart and is implanted in my memory. Whenever I get a chance, I will go to that same place to visit. It is the most beautiful place on the planet and the most special place to me.
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