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Submitted by:
Group B11
Aman Singh PGP/14/066
Anuj Khemkha PGP/14/075
Gesu PGP/14/085
Isha Nag PGP/14/086
Karan MalhotraPGP/14/090
Shruti Prakash PGP/14/0120

Submitted by:
Group B11
Aman Singh PGP/14/066
Anuj Khemkha PGP/14/075
Gesu PGP/14/085
Isha Nag PGP/14/086
Karan MalhotraPGP/14/090
Shruti Prakash PGP/14/0120

We would like to thank our Operations Management Professor Dr. Sanjay Jharkaria for providing us an opportunity to study OM practically. Also we express our sincere thanks to the manager and supportive staff of Pizza Corner, Calicut for providing us an opportunity to study their firm and for their co-operation.

List Of Figures4
Executive Summary5
About Pizza Corner6
Corporate Mission7
The Pizza Corner Experience7
Pizza Corner, Focus Mall, Calicut8
Pizza Corner’s Range Of Products8
Process Flow12
Procurement Process12
Checking Of Inventory12
Order Placement12
Receiving Of Order13
Order Taking And Billing Process13
Receiving Order13
System Entry14
Bill Preparation14
Order Preparation Process14
Reception Of Order In Kitchen15
Preparation Of Pizza Base15
Saucing, Cheesing And Topping15
Cutting And Packing15
Delivery/Serving Process16
Resources At Pizza Corner18
The Outlet18
Dining Area18
Service Area19
Storage Area:19
Washing Room20
Floor Plan20
Other Facilities20
Human Resource21
Operating Hours Of The Outlet21
Service Strategy22
Service-System Design22
Service Concept24
39 Minutes Or Free25
Caring For Your Health25
Service Delivery25
Resource Utilization And Process Effectiveness Analysis26
Operations Strategy28
Process Design28
Quality Control28
Service Delivery29
Operational Efficiency29
List of Figures
Figure 1: Stakeholder model, Pizza Corner11
Figure 2: Processes at Pizza Corner12
Figure 3: Procurement Process, Pizza Corner13
Figure 4:Order Taking and Billing Process, Pizza Corner14
Figure 5: Order Preparation Process, Pizza Corner16
Figure 6: Deliver Model, Pizza Corner, Focus Mall17
Figure 7: Order Distribution Pie, Pizza Corner, Focus Mall18
Figure 8: Floor Plan: Pizza Corner, Focus Mall20
Figure 9: Service Strategy Model, Pizza Corner22
Figure 10: Service Process Matrix, Pizza Corner23
Figure 11: Dine-in portion chart 1, Pizza Corner24
Figure 12: Dine-in portion chart 2, Pizza Corner24
Figure 13: Service Blueprint, Pizza Corner26

Executive Summary
The report provides a comprehensive study of the operations of the Pizza Corner, Calicut. Pizza Corner has two outlets in Calicut, one at Focus Mall and the other at Kunnamangalam. The focus of this report is on the Focus Mall outlet, whereas Kunnamangalam outlet is also considered. The study covers present and future outlook of the Pizza market and the proposition offered by the Pizza Corner. The study analyzes various aspects of the operations of the Pizza Corners, including stakeholder analysis, process analysis and workflow analysis at Pizza Corner. The processes of the Pizza Corner are divided into four major processes: procurement process, order taking and billing process, order preparation process and delivery process. The study also provides the timeline of various processes at Pizza Corner. Later, a detailed analysis of the resourced used or owned by the Pizza Corner is provided including the movable resources at the outlet and human resources. A detailed indicative floor plan of the Pizza Corner, Focus Mall is also...
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