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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Focus- family togetherness, Deep dish pizza, New York style pizza and homemade pizza, Purpose – to inform
Audience – single parents with small children
Tone – excited
Who- bonding over pizza
What – promotes bonding with your children
Why – continue or create family experiences
When – past and present
Where – Home with your kids
Emphatic Writing Pattern

Pizza is a very common food Item you can find anywhere in New York, it can provide a quick fix if you are hungry but it can also have another purpose. The two most commonly found would be thesis Deep dish1 and New York style2 pizza but I believe the best pizza is home made3 since to me it promotes family togetherness. There are specialties shops like UNO’s that prepare pizza “Chicago style” which is basically deep dish pizza and has a thicker crust. Deno/des I find the pizza to be doughy and personally I am not too fond of chunky tomatoes in my sauce. In my opinion it seems to fill the pizza more than anything else. Pizza hut and Dominos also provides a deep dish option made differently without the chunky tomato sauce that I find more appealing to my taste that is not Chicago style. While they all can be a family night out for dinner this can at times become routine and boring. The common pizza shop makes a typical pizza pie we are all used to in New York, the “slice”. deno/des Some make pizza soggy, crunchy, or oily we all have our preferences and typically are drawn to those shops that make it the way we like it. This to me is a quick sit down lunch or dinner with your family, children or child then you are off again to continue your activities. There is no fun to it just becomes routine to grab a quick bite and carry on. In my opinion my personal favorite is making it at home with fresh dough purchased at my local supermarket. Deno/des My daughter helps roll out the dough on the pizza pan with a little flour so it does not stick to the pan. She also helps me shred the mozzarella cheese...
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