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  • Published: June 23, 2013
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Table of Contents
1.1 Company background of Pixar animation studios3
1.2 Industry Overview3
1.3 Environmental Analysis4

(2) Theoretical Frameworks5
2.1 Organisational culture and Leadership5
2.2 Work Place Design7

(3)Key Issue9

(4)Critical Analysis of the Central Issue10
4.1 Work Place Design of Pixar Animation Studios10
4.2 Positive facts on Work Place Design13
4.3 Drawbacks of Open Work Place Culture14

(5)Suggestions and Evaluation15



(1) Introduction
1.1 Company Background of Pixar Animation Studios
Pixar is a company involves in the business of computer animated feature films, short films and television commercials which was established in 1986 by Steve Jobs who is also the CEO of the Apple Computers Incorporation. Pixar was widely known after the presentation of their preliminary public broadcast in 1995 by award winning movie “Toy Story” which was produced with Disney Interactive, a subsidiary of Disney. The acquiring of Pixar by Walt Disney in 2006 was a major step forward for Pixar to gain synergistic advantages to perform successfully within the industry. The main products of Pixar are the production soft ware that they have developed for film making. They are Marionette, Render Man and Ringmaster which are used internally and licensed for the external companies.(DataMonitor, 2009)

1.2 Industry Overview
Pixar is in a creative industry which is one of the highest growing businesses around the globe. It is proven by the Roncarelli report on computer animation industry which shows the continuous growth of the industry throughout the years from 1995-2004 (Appendix A). It was due to the expansion of the users and applications and the increasing popularity for computer imaginary of the viewers...
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