Pivotal Person

Topics: Teacher, School, Mother Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: April 23, 2012
My Pivotal Person

The name of my mother is Eva Bangura but I normally call her “aunty Eva”. She is dark in complexion and of average height. My mom is forty six years old but she looks ten years younger than her age. She has three children of which am the eldest. My mom enjoys cooking and cleaning which are her hobbies she is a teacher by profession. She is also a person with a good sense of humor. My mother is kind, hard working trustworthy and most of all she knows how to handle difficult situations anywhere and anytime she comes across any.

My mother exhibits kindness everywhere she is. I can remember when I was in primary school and she also happened to be a teacher in that same school, most of the teenager’s would come to her class during their lunch break to play. She was like their favorites teacher even those she didn’t teach. She is good at solving personal issues. My mom loves kids so anytime her friends had errands to run they preferred to bring their kids to her, they would always be rest assured that their kids are safe with my mum. She was more like a baby sitter, and when it’s time for the kids to be picked up by their most of them cry to stay back. That is one thing I admire most about my mom, she is amazing with children. She is not only the best mother anyone can ask for she is also a good friend to many who attest her kind nature. People always count on her and she goes the extra mile to make sure she does not let them down.

Moreover loyalty is something she displayed in her marriage and life. Mom has been married to our dad for twenty three years and because or her loyalty their marriage is intact and solid as a rock, I won’t say they are perfect because they are human and they both have their differences a times but mom is always submissive even when she is right, she still says sorry just for peace to reign. My mom loves a peaceful environment so much that she has never had any issue to quarrel or argue with any of our...
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