Pitfalls of the American Dream in of Mice and Men

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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“I feel that I am a citizen of the American Dream and that the revolutionary

struggle against the American nightmare.” This quote by Eldridge Cleaver states that one

has the right to achieve the American Dream however, there are factors that work

against one trying to achieve the American Dream. In John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice And

Men” , the pitfalls of the American Dreams are more effectively demonstrated in

comparison to the movies directed by Gary Sinise.

Towards the beginning of the movie one can easily point out differences that were

not in the novel. For example, in the book, Lennie and George were aware of Curley’s

marriage. “"He got married a couple of weeks ago. Wife lives over in the boss's house"

(13). However, in the movie the men are not aware of Curley’s wife before she come into

the room. This helps to give readers a hint on how this women will play a role in their

failure at achieving the American Dream. In both the movie and the book, a women

running for her life in a memorable red dress is presented, “He jus' wanted to touch that

red dress, like he wants to pet them pups all the time"(3.28-30) It is later revealed that

Lennie touched her and for that he was on the run. After the introduction of Curley’s

wife, one can infer that something similar will happen with her and that this women will

also be a pitfall in achieving the American Dream.

"Tha's good," he said. "You drink some, George. You take a good big drink." He

smiled happily. (1.7) In this quotes from the book, the readers are lead to conclude that

Lennie has mental disabilities as he can be compared to a child. In both the movie and

the book, Lennie’s disabilities are displayed which can later on be a pitfall in achieving

the American Dream. "Run us out, hell," said George disgustedly. "We run. They was

lookin' for us, but they didn't catch us" (1.50-55) Both the movie and the book reveal the situation...
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