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Pitch Perfect Movie Review

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Pitch Perfect Movie Review

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Film Review Outline
Name: John Carlo V. Balmes
Film Title: Pitch Perfect Adapted From: Pitch Perfect by Mickey Rapkins Release Date: September 28, 2012Director: Jason Moore
Genre(s): Musical, ComedySetting: Barden University
Lead Actor(s): Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin, Anna Camp Main Characters and their Attributes:
* Becca Mitchell – A musically-inclined reclusive girl who wants to pursue a music career, she joins the Bellas to please her father and finds herself being caught up in their world. * Jesse Swanson – A member of the Treblemakers who has a crush on Beca. * Fat Amy - A comedic and irresponsible member of the Bellas from Tasmania. * Aubrey Posen - One of the co-leaders of the Bellas who is uptight and a traditionalist. When she vomited during a performance, she ruined the Bellas' chance at winning nationals the previous year.

Riding the slipstream of Glee, this musical campus comedy gets by on some killer lines and a hefty dose of charm. The music I could take or leave, though there's no denying the vigour of its performance. \ Guilty pleasure of the week is Pitch Perfect. This is a cheerful romp with silly dance routines directed by Jason Moore (Avenue Q) about the U.S. college craze for acappella singing.  It’s like a superior, wittier double-episode of Glee.

Anna Kendrick reveals a pleasant singing voice as an aspiring record producer who tries to bring an all-female singing group into the 21st century.  The competitions come with commentary by John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks, a hilarious double-act reminiscent of the canine pundits on Best In Show. The plotting is predictable, but many of the numbers are show-stoppers, and several performers — especially Rebel Wilson as a chubby Tasmanian — look like stars of the future. I particularly treasured Ms Wilson’s choice of nickname. ‘You call yourself Fat Amy?’ gasps one of the thin girls.  ‘Yeah,’ comes the reply, ‘so...

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