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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Pitch correction also known as “Auto-tune” is software used heavily in today’s popular music world. It is plug-in software that is added to industry leading recording programs such as Protools, Logic and Cubase. “When used properly it corrects the intonation of pitches without altering any other aspects of sound. Pitch correction is mostly used in studios to adjust vocal lines. In rare cases it is used to correct a note played on an instrument or for live performance (Daley, 2003).” It arrived on the scene in 1997 and was first strongly noticed in the 1998 song “Believe” by Cher. “Auto-Tune was initially created by Andy Hildebrand, an engineer working for Exxon. Hildebrand developed methods for interpreting seismic data, and subsequently realized that the technology could be used to detect, analyze, and modify pitch (Jones, 2008).” Pitch and frequency are not the same but are closely related. In the context of this analysis, when a singer hits a note the note has a fundamental frequency. “For instance, the note A above middle C has a frequency of 440 Hz. When the singer is off slightly, say hitting a pitch of 430 Hz, the software can correct the note and put it in key (Tech, N/A).” This is beneficial to singers who track an outstanding vocal performance but stumble on a few notes. Few singers are perfect and sometimes artists miss the note they are trying to sing by being slightly sharp or flat. The musical scale is divided into twelve pitches each dived by a semitone. With auto-tune the user picks the key of the song; out of tune notes in the vocal line are adjusted to the correct notes in the key. The software is able to fix the pitch without altering speed. Normally by changing frequencies, audio will be sped up or slowed down and will give the “chipmunk” or “slow-mo” sounding vocal effect. Pitch correction software today is able to put the note to the right pitch, the exact frequency, and save the duration of the vocal track. There are many pros and cons to...
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