Pit Bulls Ban

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  • Published : November 26, 2010
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Pit Bulls
There is a lot of controversy between legislation and pit bull supporters over the banning of pit bulls. Pit bulls have been characterized as aggressive, dangerous, and vicious animals because of their genetic predisposition. For that matter legislation is trying to stop the breeding of pits in order to crack down on dog fighting and vicious attacks. Legislation should not just single out pit bulls because all dogs have the capacity to be aggressive. Owning a pit bull is a chosen responsibility and like a parent is responsible for their child, the owner should be responsible for the action of their animals.

Pit bull breed originated from England, they are a mix of a bull dog crossed with terriers. Historically these dogs were used for dog fighting, until England outlawed the sports as cruel. According to the Webster’s dictionary, “a dog is a flesh-eating domesticated animal related to wolves, and a pit bull is a powerful compact short haired dog developed for fighting.” When an animal is domesticated it becomes accustomed to human provision. That means that a pit bull can be taught how to be loving pets. Pit bulls are strong square shaped dogs, medium in size, weighing 40 to 60 pounds; they have enormous heads, minute eyes, and strong jaws. Pit bulls are known as mucho symbols in the urban communities, they have been nicknamed the bully breed and dog body builders. People tend to use pit bulls as guard dogs, because they are known to be powerful dogs with a high tolerance for pain. In addition, people use pits for selfish pleasures such as dog fighting. Legislation is coming together in order to stop the breeding of pit bulls, in order to crack down on dog fighting and vicious attacks. In the words of Tami Harbolt-Bosco “these dogs are terriers, they are strong willed. You have to know what you are doing with them. When you get a good one, they are wonderful-very trusting” (qtd. in Lawerence).

Pit bull profiling is unfair and unjust. When a dog is...
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