Pit Bull Ban

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  • Published : April 15, 2008
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Pit Bull Ban

Pit bulls are wonderful dogs, which really can bring no harm to people and other dogs. It’s the owners that train them to be this way, and now these loving dogs are being punished for their owner’s mistakes. Over the past years Pit bull, and Pit Bull breeds have attacked many people, and now the government is taking actions. The only problem is that Pit Bulls are being destroyed. Pit Bulls can be gentle and smart dogs. A good example is “Chess”, owned by Catherine Cochrane, who was the first person to take on the “controversial provincial legislation“. Catherine Cochrane states, “She’s a cute, well-behaved dog”. Now “Chess” can’t play ball with the dogs in the park, because she is not allowed. The government keeps complaining about Pit Bull attacks, but really there are many other breeds that attack people and animals that we don’t here about. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Preventions shows that also Rottwielers, German Shepards, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and other wolf breeds have been know for manatees on humans, of course the government will not talk about these breeds, because that would ruin their chances of winning the court order, and of course the government “always” has win and be right. They also think that destroying these breeds will not prevent other dog attacks. Also they say that the way an owner treats and trains a dog will effect on their aggressiveness. By simply playing with your dog in an aggressive manner, most of the time, you teach them that it is okay to bite, and attack. Like Lawyer Clayton Ruby said” Bad dogs are made by bad people”. A lot of people buy Pit Bulls so they can use them to hurt people or use them as guard dogs, and this is the way that dogs become aggressive, and even if you use your dog as a guard dog they can get off their leash and attack someone innocent. These sick people that train these dogs to be this way will simply move onto bigger worse breads and...
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