Pit Bull Abuse

Topics: Pit Bull, Social class, Suffering Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: April 5, 2012
Pit bulls may seem like aggressive dogs. Even the word “pit bull” may make people scared. Everything negative you hear about pit bulls is a big lie. Pit bulls are intelligent, super-loyal, very loving, and have high amounts of energy. But you’d be hard-pressed to find another breed with more raw athletic ability. They are the best dogs in the world with the proper training. Sadly, people mistreat pit bulls and use them as negative entertainment for their own selfish minds.

Some people raise pit bulls to be fighting machines and killers. Many pit bulls are suffering indulgently because of this cruel human addiction. People are taking advantage of many pit bulls misunderstanding of civilization. We all know that pit bulls are animals, and they don’t understand our language or ways of life, but that does not mean we should take advantage of their misunderstanding. Pit bulls are innocent like babies, so we should give them the love and care they deserve.

The dogs are taken from garages, abandoned apartments, and dark basements. Crowds are gathered around the dogs to watch them tear each other apart. The dogs have heavy chains on their necks and deep, untreated gashes on their legs and faces. If a pit bull were too weak to fight, people would just neglect it on the street. Police find dead decomposed pit bulls on the street or in dumpsters a few times a week. These poor animals are suffering in a living Hell and we are just watching it happen.

People who do such a thing should be prosecuted and receive for life sentence in prison. We’re not the only ones who have a life just because we have so many psychological skills; pit bulls have a life too. The sad fact of abuse towards pit bulls is not just hurting pit bulls; it’s hurting everyone who cares. Those who care are working extra hard for injured pit bulls. Do we really need more depressed people in this world? We shouldn’t make the world a big entertainment scheme; we should treat it like a gift;...
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