Pirates: Piracy and Golden Age

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Golden Age Pirates vs. Modern Day Pirates

Piracy has been around before the time of the pyramids. Once merchant ship began to deliver goods to other countries, others realized the financial gain that could be made by stealing those goods and selling them themselves. Pirates have ruled the seas at different times. Once Europeans settled in the American colonies, pirates plundered towns along the coast and attacked almost every ship they came in contact with. During the 18th century, wars gave rise to privateering; a legal form of piracy. But, after the War of 1812, this was no longer tolerated. Government put an end to most piracy but, today there are still pirates. By comparing the pirates of the Golden Age with the pirates we have today, we can gain knowledge of how piracy has evolved and changed.

Execution was and still is an honored method of dealing with pirates. Merchant ships have always found themselves victim to pirates. In November 1998, pirates hijacked a ship off the Chinese coast. Its name was the Cheung Son. After binding and gagging all the crew members, the pirates killed them and threw their bodies overboard. This ship and its cargo were never seen again. Police eventually discovered pictures of pirates celebrating onboard the Cheung Son. They arrested all thirty-eight pirates. A court found all guilty. Thirteen were sentenced to death, one to life in prison, and the rest were sentenced to twelve years.

During the Golden Age, many pirates were hung or executed in some way. After Captain William Kid was hung, his body was tarred and placed in an iron cage. The government put it on display as a warning to other pirates. Likewise, another pirate, named Edward Teach, had his decapitated head put on display as a warning also. Punishment was and is a rarity for pirates. Often, pirates escape with their “treasure”.

Golden Age pirates and Modern day pirates share three requirements...
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