Pirate Party of Canada 1

Topics: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Police, Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 5 (1156 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Pirate Party of Canada

What are they about?

• Focus on Intellectual Property, Information, and Civil Liberties

• Reform of Canadian laws and regulations (Access to information – ways to share information – how information is used – who controls the flow of information regarding what can and cannot be shared,) and bringing Canadian Intellectual property rules and regulations into the 21st Century

• Protecting people’s rights to privacy

• The pirate party doesn’t care about that artists don’t get paid if files are shared on the web, no one making a profit. The pirate party cares about decriminalizing non-commercial file sharing to be legal, not be considered illegal. For example, privacy shouldn’t be monitored by anyone and action must be taken against privacy infringement


Information about changing patent laws

• Patents are actually monopolies that create unfair prices on products, not a fair competition between companies and restrictions.

• Larger companies use patents against smaller companies so they cannot compete with them.

• Patents are said to be innovative and investors, inventors, and methods of production/ manufacturing are protected.

• We believe that patents are unfair and are preventing smaller companies from creating new innovation, due to larger companies who are using patents as a ‘blockage’ from new knowledge being created.

• We want to reform patent laws, to make sure that patents are used for actual inventions, not to prevent, but to enable the creation of new inventions.

• We want to reform patent laws is to reduce the patent terms to 5 years, require highly original ideas to be presented, eliminate genetic, software, and business models patents, and change the way funds are saved in health care to make pharmaceutical research (the study of medicinal drugs), its results available to the general public.


Article about patent laws


Topic of article: Apple and Samsung infringe each other’s patents and have to pay expenses of billions of dollars

Example of how patent laws put our society in danger and what happens if we don’t take action

Apple vs. Samsung

The court trials between apple and Samsung

Apple sued Samsung for stealing apple product’ curved look (specifically its patents) but when the final decision by the jury was declared, both sides were to pay billions of dollars of expenses of using each other’s (stealing each other’s) patents/ideas.

Information on how the Pirate Party of Canada protects the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

The Pirate Party will stand up against violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, particularly infringement of freedom of expression and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.

Shawn Vulliez
Deputy Leader:
James Wilson
Political Board Members:
Sean Hunt
Jake Daynes
Steve Henderson
Patrick Fitzgerald
Madison Wozni
Jesse Gaudet
Jack McLeod
Johann Weissgerber
Ric Lim
Official Agent of the NPO:
Jake Daynes


• Legal rights
The Charter also protects the individual and ensures fairness during legal proceedings, particularly in criminal cases. The rights to habeas corpus, or the right to challenge being detained or held, and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty – always recognized as part of our law – are now guaranteed in our constitution. No one can be deprived of the right to liberty and security of his or her person except through proper legal procedures. Canadians are protected against unreasonable searches and seizures, and against police using excessive force, even when a search or seizure is authorized by law. We are...
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