Pirate or Puritan

Topics: Mayflower, Provincetown Harbor, Question Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Pirate or Puritan: Which one are you?
Part I: Answer the following questions on Bradford. (These are the same questions from the Observe page.)

1. In complete sentence format, list three specific details you learned about William Bradford from this reading.

Three things that I learned from the Reading about William Bradford is that he was born in 1590 in the small farming community of Austerfield, Yorkshire which i'm sure made up most of his memories and made him who he was. Secondly, William and his sister were to live with their uncle becasue his parents and grandparents died. Last of all, In Leiden, Bradford took up the trade of a silk weaver to make ends meet, and also was able to recover some of the estate in England that he had been left by his father, to support himself and his new wife in Leiden.

2. In two sentences, explain why you think Bradford is significant in American history.

I think that william Bradford is significant in American History because he was one of the first governors in american history and one thing that definitely helped him shape his surroundings was the fact that he saw his wife die on the Mayflower.He wrote so many letters, poems, conferences and other writings that made him quite famous.

3. What personal tragedy occurred while the Mayflower was anchored off Provincetown Harbor? (Remember, use complete sentences please)

The personal tragedy that occured on the Mayflower was the death of William Bradford's wife, she accidentally fell overboard and drowned.

Part II: Write your own journal entry!

September 2011

Today I was so upset at John after he dropped all of our food overboard, so much that I wanted to blow the man down but I knew that he was a part of the crew and if we were going to continue on our quest to find the booty, than I would have to get over it. My lady Gisel asked me if I wanted children, Arr! of course I want children. I want to be able to cary the name of Borgella. Blimey! I...
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