Piracy in the Gulf of Aden

Topics: Piracy, Gulf of Aden, Somalia Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: February 18, 2013
The position of Iran on piracy in the Gulf of Aden

Iran’s navy has rescued various foreign ships from the hands of pirates. Commander of the Iranian Navy said "The dispatch of the 21 fleets of warships to international waters in a three-year-long period and their 100% success in accomplishing missions signify the might and power of the Army's naval force," Despite economic sanctions imposed by the west, Iran and its navy have still met its mandate to help save and protect foreign ships from pirates in the gulf of Aden (even those of its oppressors). Iran’s position is that piracy must be combated by a joint effort of all countries involved with the gulf and that co-operation with countries on defeating piracy must persist As Piracy in the gulf of Aden affects most of the world (cargo ships of most country go through the gulf) it is Iran’s opinion that the responsibility of protecting this region must fall on everyone who uses the region. A joint effort must be carried out to combat the Somali pirates. Existing structures, like the use of convoys escorted by ships and the use of private security, must be used to help ships that are vulnerable to such attacks. Iran also feels that member countries must meet their obligations like Iran has. Countries must ensure that their ships are in the gulf and ready for action. There must also not be a biased protection system going on. Some countries purposefully send their ships to escort allies or ships from their own home country. The patrol must be purely based on defeating pirates not on protecting one’s own interest. If all the ships could do this, there would be a more evenly spread out region with no gaps in between for pirates to come and steal.

Furthermore, Iran also feels that pirates must be thwarted by not only protecting ships from pirates, but by also actively trying to capture “king” pirates and there funders. Members must look to take pirate leaders captive. The example was by Iranian sailors taking a...
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