Pippi Longstocking Women Studies

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What would Linda Parson say about Pippi Long Stocking? (Feb 21 2010) Parson states that “in our mass-media culture we are surrounded by the vestiges of fairy tales from marketing of Disney products to the perpetuation of romance ideology, the binary positioning women and men, and women’s and girls’ obsession to manifest socially defined beauty.” Pippi Longstocking challenges this idea since she is not obsessed with her looks; she is a freckled faced red hair nine year old girl who lives on the edge. She has superhuman strengths and is able to lift her horse one-handed without difficulty. Pippi doesn’t like to follow directions from adults and tends to mock them or challenges them when she encounters them. Her clothes are miss- matched or ragged. Pippi is more worried about having fun then worry about what she looks like or what she wears. Pippi Longstocking is a very strong free willed young woman. Parson would say that this movie challenges the idea that “fairy tales in the patriarchal tradition portray women as weak, submissive, dependent, and self sacrificing, while men are powerful, active, and dominant. “ Pippi lives on her own after she separated from her father at sea. Pippi lives in a small village, with her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and her horse, Old Man. I do find it strange that even though she has no adults supervising her she has two male animals that stay with her and protect her from strangers. I am not sure that Astrid Lindgren when writing the book really thought about the idea of Pippi Longstocking having 2 male animals has her companions. The 2 male animals could be mistaken as taking the role of her father and watching and protecting Pippi Longstocking in her childhood years since her father was lost at sea and she lives alone. I think Pippi Longstocking is a very dominant young lady and wishes that everyone young children had fun and in the middle of trying to create fun for orphans she creates lots of chaos in the streets. Parson would state that even in Pippi Longstocking, she had to suffer in the fact that she lost her father however in the end, Captain Longstocking was washed ashore upon a South Sea island, where he was made the "fat white chief" by its native people. When the Captain returned to bring Pippi to his new home in the South Seas, Pippi found herself attached to the Villa and her new friends Tommy and Annika, and decided to stay where she was, though she and the children sometimes took trips with her father where she was confirmed as the "fat white chief's" daughter, Princess Pippilotta. Wow even Pippi Longstocking is a princess. Parson would agree that since Pippi Longstocking is a powerful woman that she doesn’t fit the social norm of what a beautiful women looks like. I would say that Parson would agree that Pippi Longstocking is a feminist movie that deals with freedom, choice and women can make a difference in the world today. I agree with Parson that “although feminist stories provided an alternative to the sexiest world, they are not powerful enough to disrupt it.” Even though Pippi Longstocking was popular I do not think that is was interesting enough to stay popular with the young girls like Cinderella or Snow White as they talk about becoming princesses and having a prince come rescue you and you can live happily ever after.

What would Rebbecca- Anne C. Do Rozario say about Pippi Longstocking? Feb 28, 2010

I would say that Rozario would say that Pippi Longstocking would more follow Team Disney story lines. In Father Disney movies the society is more male dominated, however in Pippi Longstocking she is the strong willed, independent vocal little girl who lives on her own and takes care of her-self and does not listen to any adults. She challenges authority which is what more of what the Team Disney movies do. According to Rozario, “yet if Walt Disney’s lifetime marked the father’s absence, Team Disney re-affirmation is a closer bond suggests that the company’s own paternal...
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