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Assignment Pippin
The "Magic to Do" firstly sets the mood with the feeling curious. How they set up and acted made us want to know what's going on. It made us ask questions like what kind of magic and what do you have to show. The lighting was dark and it only had minimal lighting so that the hands in background can be seen. It is odd to see flying hands, but it gives the mood of feeling curious. The man surrounded by the hands makes us think that anything is possible. The atmosphere was dark and magical meaning anything can happen that most would become stumped. In order to keep the audience oriented and facilitated, the music had to be perfect. Without the music, it would have become mundane and lose interest in the audience. The music is what moved the audience to feel the atmosphere because music is something extraordinary that can help us understand situations better. For example, the music helped the audience feel that magic is something spectacular and amusing. #2.

The first thing I would have thought if I were a member of the audience in the opening of "Magic to Do," is what is that? Then, I would proceed to think that many things can be accomplished with hands. Hands are something we forget because we have become desensitized of the value of hands. The scene change that happened at the end of "Corner of the Sky" video clip would have made me think that someone or something must be important for the scene to change in to something spectacular. The directors' desire effect on the audience in both instances would have been to move the audience by inspiring them with idealistic ideas. The audience would have accepted the fact that magic is completely unreal and that would mean that idealism would be able to stick to the audience better. This would give the chance to move the audience to feel inspired of magic.

One realistic technique utilized is the hands in the background at the beginning of "Magic to Do." Another technique would be...
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