Piperine from Black Pepper

Topics: Black pepper, Distillation, Piperine Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Piperine from Black Pepper

The alkaloid piperine was isolated from black pepper corns through extraction with methylene chloride and then concentration with the addition of an ether solution in a 5.6% yield. The final product was characterized by its appearance, weight, HNMR spectrum, and IR spectrum. Overview and Discussion

Black pepper is known to contain 5-9% of the alkaloids piperine, piperidine, piperettine. In this experiment, piperine, the alkaloid mainly responsible for the pungent smell of black pepper, was isolated through extraction using methylene chloride and concentration in an ether solution. It was characterized by its appearance, weight, percent by weight recovery, and HNMR and IR spectra. One of the main reactions involved in this experiment occurs between the ground black pepper and the solvent methylene chloride, which is used to extract the active ingredient piperine from the ground pepper corns. The HNMR spectra was viewed against a computer-simulated one in order to discern the peaks which belonged to the piperine. The yield is fair in that black pepper consists of 5-9% of alkaloids such as piperine, and that means that an abundant amount of piperine (5.6% yield) was able to be isolated from the pepper corns.

Structure of piperine:

Experimental Section

5.094g of black pepper corns were weighed out on the balance, and were then ground using a mortar and pestle until the corns turned into a fine powder. The powder was then placed onto a small piece of paper and carefully inserted into a 50mL round-bottomed flask, and then 20mL (0.311mol) of methylene chloride was added into the flask. The round-bottomed flask was then attached to a reflux condenser and the mixture was heated to a reflux for 20 minutes. After the reflux period, the solution was cooled for 5-6 minutes by clamping the 50mL round-bottomed flask above the hot plate and the hot plate was removed from underneath. A Buchner...
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