Pip Analysis

Topics: Feeling, Love, Emotion Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Pip is a very distinct character. As a little kid he really does not know much about life. Thats how every kid is. They all havent really lived life with the few years they haved lived. It is pretty sad in the situation he is. Living with his sister and his sister married with a man that does not really care for Pip. He just wants Pip to be his apprentice and thats how far in life his sisters husband wants him to get. Pip wants more than that. He wants to expirience the life and its mysteries. While the entanglement of Miss Havisham and Estella, Pip expiriences the feeling of love towards Estella. She is a girl of his age and he likes her. Everytime Pip does over to Miss Havishams house he plays with her and all the little things people to when they feel the power of love. The First time he met Miss Havisham, she told Pip on how her old love story went wrong. Pip felt all those feelings she felt in a way. He saw how Miss Havisham felt when she was left by her own at the altar by her groom. The sadness of her he got to feel. To this point Pip has "evolved" as a Character in this story. He has felt his sister and her husband act veryh harsh towards him. He has felt being in love as a kid. He has expiriences very few things about life but not all.later throughout the book the author mentions Herbert talking to Pip to stop liking her because Miss havisham made him like her. Evetually he cant let go and Estella starts to ignore him and stop playing those little games with him that mader them both feel enpowered and put their morale all the way up. He starts to feel the emotion of sadness and rejection from a person he thought he would never make them feel this. Pip is devastated towards noticing this and well like everyone he moves on from this feeling.
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