Pintura Ecuatoriana

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Possibilities – Alternatives for both parts: Sally (1) and Lyric Opera Company(2)

1 2 Sally should not sing in this opera, she could do that in other opportunity| Lyric Opera Company should contract to other young opera singer to the principle role| She could teach to any another young opera singers.| It could contract an opera singer with experience or anyone whose it could not have to pay a lot of money| Looking for the principle role in other musical| Looking for another cheap principal singer with experience.| Looking for a job in others places or public activities related to the art world in order to be recognized once again e.g. TV commercials. It could be accessible, because of her experience.| Contracting a very well-known opera singer, not only national, so international one. Announcing that by press conference to reduce extra marketing expenses.| Having the principal role as the opera singer, collecting not a high salary because of the uncertain result of the audience.| Offering the main role to a secondary opera singer, emphasizing that it would be a great opportunity to her career.|

1. Two possible alternatives:


(-) Looking for another title role in another place by another company, using their experience and she would be able to relaunch her career in this way.

(+) Getting the contract with this company. As a result, having successful and getting recognition.

Lyric Opera Company:

(-) Hire another opera singer in the title role as cheaply as possible (it is important to emphasize that she would have only three weeks to the opening)

(+) To win time, it can contract to Sally with a little margin of negative answer of the audience because of her experience, possible conventions and good benefits in terms of money (because it is not a good show, it could pay the minimum to Sally)

2. Lyric Opera Company, Sally...
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