Pink Slime

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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Americans dislike health scares. Think, mad cow, deadly. The recent attack on Beef Products, Incorporated is outrageous inexcusable. A public outcry abruptly erupted from mislead information over a ground beef filler know to the public as pink slime. The repeated use of the term “pink slime” has led to an unwanted, wholesome product being driven into the dirt. The smeared, untruthful campaign against Lean Finely Textured Beef has led to the closure of three processing plants. The product is derived from excess trimming of beef, generally the steak and roast portions, which is 100% safe to consume and was added to 70 percent of ground beef. This not only affects the direct producer, Beef Products, Inc., it affects the meat processing industry as a whole.

In beef slaughtering plants, certain pieces of meat are trimmed to quality specifications, and the excess trim is then sold and used to manufacture L.F.T.B. Once, the trim is received at Beef Products, the trim is sent down a sorting line where employees sort through the trim to remove any foreign objects and deviations in the pieces of trim. It is then sent through a machine that grinds the trim and heats the product to 180’F. At this point, the product is separated into lean meat filler and tallow oil. The tallow is used in such products as lipstick. The next step in the process is to inject a safe level of ammonia hydroxide gas into the meat to kill of any food borne pathogens like salmonella and e.coli. By using ammonia hydroxide gas, this limits and prohibits the growth of bacteria. The product is then sent to the roller press freeze. Where the product is frozen at -30’F into a thin sheet. This step of the process includes automatically cutting the sheet into small chips. The chips are then sent down a conveyor, weighted to 60lbs, and compressed into a block form. Each box is sampled into composites and tested at an outside laboratory. The company has a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points system in...
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