Pink Line of Victoria's Secret

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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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BUS 330: Principles of Marketing
Pink by Victoria Secret
Monica Vigil
Feb. 28, 2010

When making a decision many influences are a factor. Sometimes consumers buy products because of product loyalty. Often time’s consumers become habitual buyers. A typical Pink customer more than likely has seen the brand advertisements many times and or is already a shopper of victoria secret lingerie store. Even though the victoria secret line pink targets 18-30 year olds they have also attracted an even younger group, the tweens and preteens. These tweens and preteens decision making is a little different than the typical college students. When making the decision to shop at the pink store they are driven by a desire to feel important and look and feel older. The target demographic, college students, decisions are more based on what the line is actually there for. They want cute fun clothes and that is exactly what it is. “It’s what you see around the dorm. It’s the fun, playful stuff she needs, but is still fashionable” (Kotler, Armstrong. Pg.163). There decisions are driven by different needs regardless if they are the intended audience.

Marketers are pushing their product so efficiently to the target age groups, that the message they are sending are bleeding under and over their intended audience. Victoria’s Secret Pink line is sticking to its word to only marketing towards the 18-30 year old consumers, however those target consumers could very well be influencing the aspirational groups. “Two such 11-year-olds, Lily Feingold and Brittany Garrison, were interviewed while shopping at a Victoria’s Secret store with Lily’s mother.” (Kotler, Armstrong Pg. 164) No matter how hard the company tries to stay away from the controversial consumers, people across the world are going to buy gifts for their families and both younger and older people will receive these gifts. When these products are made to fit smaller adults with the youngest target age being 18,...
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